Why does it say see more on facebook nothing happens

If you’ve been on Facebook lately and tried to click on the “see more” link to see more posts from your friends, you might have noticed that it just says “see more.” This is due to a recent change by Facebook that limits the number of posts you can see in a day. Previously, you could see as many as 10 posts per day from your friends. This limit has now been lifted, but only for posts from people you are connected with directly – meaning if someone posted about their vacation, you won’t be able to see it.

Where is see more on Facebook?

A lot of people are asking where see more is on Facebook. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, because we’ve got the answer for you. The see more function was once located on the top right hand corner of the main Facebook page, but it now appears to be gone for good. Although it’s not currently available, Facebook users can still access it if they click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen and then select “See More.”

Why can’t I see more posts on Facebook?

If you’re using Facebook on a desktop or laptop, and you’ve tried scrolling down to see more posts, but nothing happens, there might be a problem. You might not have enough free space on your Facebook profile page. You can fix this by deleting some of your old posts or by adding more free space.

Why don’t I see more friends on Facebook?

If you’re on Facebook and you’ve been using it for a while, chances are you’ve noticed that when you look at your friends list, it seems like there are more people there than ever before. But why do you see more friends on your profile but not in the “See More” section? According to Facebook, this is because the “See More” section only shows people who have interacted with you in some way. So if someone has just added you as a friend without any other interaction, they won’t be shown in the “See More” section. However, if someone has commented on one of your posts or shared something from your page, then they will appear in the “See More” section.

Why do Facebook posts disappear when I click see more?

Facebook posts disappear when you click “see more” on them, even if the post is still public. This happens because Facebook uses a cache to store posts so that they load faster when you revisit the page. The cache gets cleared every time you reload the page, so if there are new posts since you last visited, they won’t show up in the see more section.

How do you see someones old posts on Facebook?

If you’re looking for your friends’ old posts from on Facebook, you may be out of luck. Unless you specifically check the “see more” link at the top right of every post, you won’t see any older posts. The feature is designed to showcase newer posts first.

How do I find a post that disappeared on Facebook?

If you go to Facebook and look at your timeline, you might notice that one of your posts is gone. This can happen if someone clicks on the post but then deletes it before it loads. If this happens to you, there are a few things you can do to try and find the post.

Can Facebook posts just disappear?

Facebook users have noticed that their posts seem to disappear after a short time, without explanation. Some people believe that Facebook is censoring certain types of posts or deleting them altogether. Others think that Facebook is using algorithms to determine which posts are most important and should be prioritized for users’ newsfeeds. What’s the reason for this sudden change?

How long do posts stay on Facebook?

Posts stay on Facebook for up to 7 days. After that, they start to disappear in favor of new posts.


Facebook is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but sometimes you may not be able to see the posts from friends or get notifications when they post. This is because Facebook uses algorithms to show posts to people based on their likes and interests. If you’d like to see more posts from your friends, you can try changing your Facebook settings.

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