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Sustainability is a choice, it doesn’t happen by chance and it isn’t easy. Better collaboration and sharing the thoughts, ideas, strategy and solutions to enable the sustainable transformation of business and industry across all sectors is vital if we are to reach or even exceed ESG and carbon reduction goals being set.

About Us

Rockscar Media is a Publishing, Media and Consulting company focused on the sustainable transformation of business and industry across all sectors.

The role of Chief Sustainability Officer’s and CXO’s is changing – Understanding the role AI, Data, Technology and Culture will play in driving the sustainable transformation of business and industry is critical. Successful companies will focus on how technology and data directly interact with and impact sustainability, improves operational efficiency, reduces waste, and manages energy, reducing the carbon intensity of business and industry.

Technology and data connects and underpins everything we do; understanding how to adopt and act on it is essential to reach or exceed the set goals. As we become more informed and effective at adopting technology, using data, and acting on it, the environmental impact of business and industry will reduce. RockScar media connects people with the process and technology required to deliver a zero carbon future for business and industry.

What We Do

We connect end users of technology, data and AI from across business and industry with equipment manufacturers and solution providers via curated face to face executive briefings. We host Live online talks tackling key issues organisations face in meeting sustainability goals. We provide bespoke Consulting services that reach into new markets to empower decision makers.

 We produce and deliver informative, engaging content across our media platforms and digital publications to inform and educate business leaders on the role technology, data and AI can play in enabling them to meet sustainability goals being set. We cover emerging trends and technology to position what can be done to ensure we reduce the carbon impact business and industry has on the environment. The alternative is beyond comprehension.

Our Media Outlets

Digital Infra Network

Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Thinking

New workloads are placing incredible demands on networks, power infrastructure, energy and water resources. With AI and Web3 predicted to grow to Trillions of $’s by 2030 – the impact these new workloads will have on digital infrastructure is unprecedented, we must ensure the next generation of facilities required to house this explosion in data are built on the right infrastructure to reduce the impact they will have on our environment. Our mission is to support and share sustainable digital infrastructure thinking, provide operators, manufacturers, end users, consultants and engineers from enterprise to colocation, edge to hyperscale and AI to Web 3 access to the information, ideas, solutions and services that will inform and assist them in designing, building and operating in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

Connected Energy Solutions

The Energy Transition And The Net Zero Future

The energy transition is a pathway toward transformation of the global economy from fossil- based to zero carbon by the second half of this century. At its heart is the need to reduce energy- related CO2 emissions to limit climate change. Connected Energy Solutions delivers thought leadership, insights, best practices, and news on the latest technology to guide executives and managers on their journey to a net-zero energy future.

Net Zero Professional

Harnessing Technology, Data and AI to reach Sustainability Goals

Transitioning to a net-zero world is one of the greatest challenges humanity has faced, the role of the CXO’s is evolving and organisations have a long way to go before sustainability is fully embedded into every function, process, and person. Net Zero Professional is committed to sharing stories, news, ideas and information on the role technology, data and AI can play in assisting them in reaching ESG and Sustainability goals being set, we deliver the latest technology, processes and thought leadership to guide, educate and inform senior executive teams and managers charged with delivering the net-zero promise.

Rockscar Consulting

Bespoke Research & Consulting to Inform and Empower

Specialising in the data centre sector, we actively track hyperscale, colocation and edge activity in EMEA and APAC providing partners with market insight supported by timely and relevant data. With an established global network of key influencers and decision makers from operators across the enterprise, edge, colo and hyperscale data center community, we are uniquely positioned to support you in navigating an increasingly complex and evolving digital landscape. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will put together a bespoke package to suit your needs.
The digital Infra xchange summit shares the thoughts, ideas and solutions required to ensure that the exponential growth of the data center market is built and managed in the most sustainable and energy efficient way possible. With the growing demands AI and Web 3 workloads are placing on digital infrastructure, better collaboration between solution providers, OEM’s, technology vendors, operators and end users is essential in order to sustainably transform how next generation facilities will be built and operated.
Web 3 Summit focuses on the evolving paradigm of the internet which aims to decentralize digital services and empower users through blockchain technology and other distributed systems and what needs to be done to ensure new workloads generated are built on the right infrastructure and are not reliant on legacy infrastructure designed and built for Web 2 workloads. The new capacity required to house the explosion in data new Web 3 workloads will bring must be designed, built and operated in the most sustainable and efficient way possible in order to limit the impact it will have on the environment and potentially deliver both social and economic benefits.


 We are committed to sharing the thoughts, ideas, solutions and strategy that will inspire and empower teams and individuals to collaborate more.
If you have something to say, share or a solution/service that will help organisations reach or exceed set goals, then what are you waiting for.. Get in Touch and start collaborating and sharing today.


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