which country telephone code is 0018

If you need to call a number in France from outside of that country, you need to dial the international code for France (33), followed by the country code for France (18).

Where is a +18 number from?

If you need to call someone in a different part of the world, you’ll need to use a different international telephone code. Here are the most common international telephone codes:

1) The United States uses +1 (US)
2) Canada uses +1 (CA)
3) Mexico uses +52 (MX)
4) Europe uses 00 (EU)
5) South America uses 011 (BRASIL, ARGENTINA, URUGUAY, PARAGUAY)
6) Asia uses 0011 (KOREA, THAILAND, VIETNAM)*7) Australia uses 61 (AUSTRALIA ONLY)*8) New Zealand uses 64 (NEW ZEALAND ONLY)*9) South Africa uses 027 ( SOUTH AFRICA ONLY)*10) Middle East and Africa use 0012

Which code number is 386?’

If you want to call someone in the United Kingdom from a landline in another country, you will need to use the UK country telephone code. The UK country telephone code is 386.

To dial a number in the UK from a phone in another country, you first need to dial the international telephone prefix (00), then the country code (18), then the number you want to call. For example, if you wanted to call someone in London from a phone in New York City, you would dial 0018 30000.

Which country code is 069?

The country code for Ireland is 069.

Which code is 147?

There are many different telephone codes in the world. Which code is 147?

The code for the United States is 1.347. The code for the United Kingdom is 03. The code for Australia is 13. The code for Canada is 1.347.

Which country uses +21?

The country code for the United States of America is 1. The country code for Canada is 1. The country code for Mexico is 52.

Which country uses 22?

Which country uses the telephone code 22?

There are a number of countries that use the telephone code 22, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

How do I dial international 386?

If you are calling from outside of the United States, your dialing plan will most likely include an international prefix. To dial an international number from within the United States, you need to use the country code for the country you are calling. The country code for the United States is 1.

To dial a number in another country, first use the international prefix (1 for the United States), then dial the country code. For example, to call Germany from the United States, you would dial 1-800-Germany.


If you are looking for the telephone code for country 0018, it is +1 877.

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