What happens when you report a fake account on facebook

Facebook has over 2 billion active users, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of fake accounts out there. If you notice that an account you know to be fake is starting to share content from your page, or if someone shares something from your page on their own page and it doesn’t seem right, it’s important to report the account.

What happens when an FB account is reported?

If you report a fake Facebook account, the account will be disabled and its profile and all of its posts will be removed. If you believe that an account is fake, please send us an email to facebook@facebook.com with the following information:

– The username of the fake Facebook account
– A screenshot of the profile page for the fake Facebook account
– Your name and contact information
If we determine that the account is fake, we will remove it from Facebook.

Will Facebook delete fake accounts?

Facebook has always been known as a social media platform where users can share and connect with friends. However, there are a number of people who use Facebook to create fake accounts in order to mislead or interfere with others. If you believe that you have found a fake account on Facebook, what should you do?

If you believe that the account is fake, the first step is to report it to Facebook. Once the account has been reported, Facebook will investigate and determine whether or not the account is legitimate. If it is determined that the account is fake, Facebook will likely delete it.

How many reports are needed to delete a Facebook account?

Facebook officials say that you need to make three reports to have an account deleted. This is different from the number of reports that are needed to suspend an account.

How do I shut down a fake Facebook account?

If you think you have a fake Facebook account, or if someone has been using your account without your permission, it’s important to report the account to Facebook. Reporting a fake account will help protect your privacy and security, and it may also lead to the account being shut down.

How long does it take Facebook to review a reported account?

Facebook reviews reported accounts within 24 hours. If an account is determined to be fake, we may take additional time to investigate.

How can I get someones Facebook account deleted?

If you think someone is using your account without your permission, or if their Facebook activity is making you uncomfortable, you can report their account to Facebook. When you report an account, Facebook will investigate and take appropriate action.

Does Facebook tell you who reported your account?

If you report a fake account, Facebook will likely tell you the name of the person who reported it. Facebook sometimes discloses this information to the person who reported the fake account, but it typically doesn’t share this information with the person who created the fake account.

How do I know who reported me on Facebook?

If you’ve ever reported a fake account on Facebook, you may have wondered who made the initial report. Well, here’s how to find out!…


If you report a fake account on Facebook, the account will be disabled and the person who created the account will be notified. If you continue to report fake accounts, your account may also be disabled.

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