What do all the waze symbols mean

In case you’re not familiar with Waze, it’s a free app that allows users to share driving directions and find points of interest along the way. As you can imagine, Waze is enormously popular – so much so, in fact, that the company has released a set of symbols that people can use on their maps to indicate certain types of information.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of the symbols and what they mean. So if you’re ever wondering why a particular waze symbol is displayed on someone’s map, read on!

What are all the faces on Waze?

Waze is a free, map-based navigation app that allows drivers to share their location and directions with others using symbols. The app has over 150 different symbols, but there are some common ones that are worth knowing about.

The smiley face is used to indicate a recommended route, the thumbs up means you’re on the correct route, and the skull and crossbones means you need to avoid an obstacle. The checkmark indicates a recommended stop, and the bicycle icon indicates a bike lane or pathway.

What are the ghost things on Waze?

Waze symbols are used in the app to indicate certain information. The ghosts that you see on Waze indicate a warning or caution.

What are the little avatars on Waze?

Every time you type in a location, or select it from the map, Waze displays a little avatar next to the address.

Here are all the different avatars and what they mean:

1. A small blue car means that the location is a stop on a bus line.
2. A small red car means that the location is a stop on a metro line.
3. A small yellow car means that the location is a stop on a light rail line.
4. A small green car means that the location is a crosswalk or pedestrian crossing.
5. A large green checkmark means that the location is highly recommend by Waze, meaning it’s usually well-marked and easy to get to.
6. A large red X means that the location has been reported as hazardous or blocked by authorities (for example, due to an accident).

What does the diamond on Waze mean?

On Waze, the diamond indicates a speed camera. This is a warning to drivers that they are approaching a location where law enforcement is using automated equipment to catch speeding motorists.

What is the cop symbol on Waze?

The cop symbol on Waze is used to indicate that a police officer is present. This symbol will help you stay safe while driving and navigation through your city.

How do I read Waze?

If you’re unfamiliar with the app Waze, it’s a mobile app with some pretty nifty features. One of those features is the ability to read road signs and information from other drivers.

One of the most commonly used symbols in Waze is the “road Closed” sign. This symbol means that there is an obstruction on the road that needs to be cleared before traffic can flow. Other symbols often used in Waze include the “Toll Plaza” and “Congestion” signs. Understanding how these symbols work will help you better use the app and avoid any potential traffic jams.

What is invisible mode on Waze?

Invisible mode on Waze is a feature that can be used to avoid getting blocked by cars. To access invisible mode, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Invisible Mode.”

Can someone track you on Waze?

Waze is a mobile app and website that allows drivers to share information about the traffic around them. There are many different symbols that can be used on Waze, and each one has a specific meaning. Here’s a rundown of what each symbol means:

1) Green arrow: This means that the road ahead is clear.
2) Red X: This means that the road is closed or dangerous.
3) Blue dot: This indicates where you are currently located.
4) White circle: This indicates a mandatory turn.
5) Yellow triangle: This warns drivers about a danger ahead.
6) Orange square: This denotes an emergency stop or obstruction.

How do you get warthog in Waze?

If you’re driving in the Houston area and see a waze symbol for Warthog, you’re in luck. The Warthog is a special traffic advisory that means there are delays on nearby roads.

What are the characters on the road in Waze?

Waze is a navigation app that uses symbols to indicate street names and other important information. Here’s a guide to what each symbol means:

-A green triangle means that the road or Parking Lot is open.
-A blue triangle means that the road or Parking Lot is closed.
-A red circle means that the road is closed, either for traffic or for maintenance.
-A yellow triangle means that the road has a reduced speed limit, usually because it’s a school zone or due to weather conditions.
-An orange triangle means caution, meaning slow down because there might be something dangerous on the road ahead.
-A white arrow indicates an upcoming turn (left or right).


If you’re unfamiliar with the various waze symbols, now might be a good time to start paying attention. These icons represent different types of traffic conditions, and can help drivers avoid accidents or get to their destination more quickly. In addition to traffic, waze also provides users with directions for parking, navigation within cities and even current weather conditions. So if you’re looking to save some time and ease your commute, keep an eye on waze!

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