Is sittercity free for sitters

Sittercity is a website that connects people who need care with people who are willing to provide it. The site allows users to search for carers in their local area, and post an advertisement if they are looking for someone to watch their child or pet. Is Sittercity free for sitters?

Yes, Sittercity is free for sitters! This means that you don’t have to pay to post your ad, and you won’t have to pay anyone to watch your child or pet. This service is perfect for people who need short-term care, or who just need a break from caring for a pet or child on a regular basis.

How do I use sittercity for free?

Sittercity is a great resource for finding sitters for your children. To use the site for free, you will first need to create an account. After creating an account, you can search for available sitters in your area or browse the latest postings. You can also post your own listing if you need a sitter for a specific date and time. When you find a sitter that you would like to book, you can submit a request online or by calling the contact number listed on the posting. The fee for booking a sitter through Sittercity ranges from $5 to $25 per hour, depending on the length of the booking.

Whats better care or sittercity?

Sittercity is a great way to find a sitter for your child. It is free to sign up and you can compare rates with other sitters. The website is easy to use and there are many search filters to help find the perfect sitter for your needs.

Is care com free to use?

Sittercity is a great resource for finding sitters, but there are some things to keep in mind before using the service. First and foremost, Sittercity is not free. In fact, it costs $9 per month to use the service. Additionally, you must be 18 or older to use Sittercity, and you must have a valid driver’s license. Finally, you must agree to abide by the Sittercity Terms of Use.

Despite these limitations, Sittercity is an excellent resource for finding sitters. The site features a searchable directory of sitters in your area, as well as detailed information about each sitter. For example, you can learn about a sitter’s experience with children and whether they have CPR certification. You can also read reviews from other users before choosing a sitter.

If you’re looking for a reliable source of affordable childcare, Sittercity is a great option.

What can I use instead of care com?

Sittercity is a great website for finding sitters. It is free to use, and has a wide range of services and options to choose from. There are also a lot of reviews and testimonials from past sitters, which can help you decide if a particular service or option is right for you.

Is sittercity safe for sitters?

Sittercity is a website that connects qualified sitters with families in need of a sitter. The website provides a platform for sitters to find families and earn a fee for their services.

The website has been subject to criticism from parents and guardians who feel that it is unsafe for children to be left in the care of strangers. Some have expressed concerns about the accuracy of the profiles of sitters on the website, as well as the lack of vetting process that sitters undergo before being approved to work with families.

Sittercity has responded to these criticisms by stating that they thoroughly screen all applicants and that they only work with registered professionals who have passed a criminal background check and child-safety review.

How do you become a bambino sitter?

Becoming a bambino sitter is easy! All you need is an interest in caring for infants and toddlers, and the willingness to abide by our sittercity rules.

To become a bambino sitter on our website, all you need to do is sign up and submit an application. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll contact you to set up a time for you to meet with one of our team members. During your interview, we’ll ask you about your experience caring for infants and toddlers, and make sure you’re comfortable with our rules and guidelines. If everything checks out, we’ll give you a sitter’s badge and start sending you references.

What fees does care com charge?

Sittercity is a great resource for finding sitters. They have a variety of services, including dog sitting, cat sitting, and pet walking. One of the things that sets Sittercity apart from other resources is their fee structure. does not charge any fees to sitters. This can make it difficult for families to find a sitter who is available on short notice.

Does Care com take a percentage?

Sittercity is a great place to find a sitter. However, some people are concerned about taking a percentage of the fee the sitter charges. states that it does not take a percentage and that it only charges its service fee.

Do you have to pay to message on care com?

Yes, there is a fee for messaging on The fee is $0.99 for the first message and then $1.99 for each additional message.


SitterCity is a great resource for finding sitters. They have a wide variety of sitters, and their rates are reasonable. Overall, I would recommend SitterCity to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable sitter.

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