is mako island a real place in australia

Mako island is a fictitious place in Australia that has been featured in several films and television shows. So is it really a place that exists? While there is no definitive answer, we took a look at the evidence to see if it’s real or not.

Does Mako Island actually exist?

A lot of people seem to think so, and it’s even been featured on some tourist maps! But is Mako Island a real place in Australia? Here’s what we know…

Can you visit Mako Island?

Mako Island is a popular tourist destination in Australia. It is located in the Tasman Sea between Tasmania and New Zealand. Mako Island is an uninhabited volcanic island that is part of the World Heritage Site known as the Tasmanian Wilderness Area. Mako Island is said to be one of the most beautiful and untouched places in Australia. There are no roads or buildings on Mako Island, so visitors must take all their supplies with them when they visit. Mako Island is only accessible by boat or helicopter.

Is the moon pool in Mako Island real?

Mako Island is a place that many tourists are interested in visiting, as it has many natural features that make it a popular tourist destination. However, some people are doubtful about whether Mako Island is actually a real place. In this article, we explore the possible reasons why people might be skeptical about Mako Island and whether or not it is actually a real place.

Where is Mako Mermaids filmed in Australia?

Mako Mermaids is filmed on the island of Mako in the Whitsundays off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

Are the Mako Mermaids real?

Mako Island is a small island located in the Hunter River, about 220 kilometres north of Sydney, Australia. It is said to be home to a population of mermaids, and some residents believe that they have seen the creatures swimming in the water. However, scientific evidence has not been able to confirm whether or not Mako Island is actually inhabited by mermaids.

How can I be a mermaid?

Mako Island is a real place in Australia, but whether or not you can be a mermaid there is up for debate. Mako Island is located off the coast of Western Australia and it’s said that the island is home to a colony of mermaids. Whether or not you can become one yourself is up for debate, but what isn’t up for debate is the fact that Mako Island is an amazing place to visit.

Can you swim in Mako Island?

Mako Island is a small island located in the Tasman Sea off the coast of Australia. Mako Island is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman who was killed by her own father. Mako Island is also said to be home to a variety of animals, including sharks and dolphins. Mako Island is not currently accessible by foot, but it can be reached by boat. Whether or not Mako Island is actually a real place is still up for debate, but it’s definitely an interesting place to explore if you’re ever in the area!

How much does it cost to go to Mako Island?

Is Mako Island a Real Place in Australia? According to some sources, Mako Island is located in the Arafura Sea off the coast of Western Australia. However, there is no definitive proof that this island even exists. Some websites list it as a tourist destination, but there is no mention of how much it costs to visit. So if you’re looking for a place to take your vacation this year and you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to consider checking out Mako Island – just be prepared to spend a lot of money on flights and accommodations!


Mako island is one of the most commonly searched for places in Australia online. It’s unclear as to whether or not Mako island actually exists, but many people believe it does and are looking for information on how to get there. If you’re one of these people, I suggest you stop searching now and read the following article instead – it will help you understand the basics of travel by sea.


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