How to turn off proximity sensor on android

Android devices are equipped with proximity sensors that can be turned off to save battery life. Here’s how you do it!

Where do I find proximity sensor on Android?

If you’re looking for the proximity sensor on your Android device, it’s likely that you’ll find it in the Settings app. Open the Settings app and tap on “Security.” From here, you can disable the security features of your phone, including the proximity sensor.

How do I disable the proximity sensor to solve the once and for all?

It seems that the sensor is always turned on, no matter what I do. How can I disable it permanently?
It’s not that big of a deal, but disabling the proximity sensor will prevent accidental triggering when picking up the phone.
There are a few ways to disable the sensor on an Android device:
-Go to Settings and scroll down to Security and Location. Tap on Proximity and then toggle off Use Proximity Sensor.
-Open your phone’s developer options and switch off the Enable Proximity Sensor option.
-Go to your phone’s main menu (press Home and then Press Menu), select Settings, and then tap on Privacy. Under sensors, toggle off Use Proximity Sensor.

How can I stop screen turning off during call?

It’s possible to disable the proximity sensor so that the screen doesn’t turn off during a call. To do this, open your phone’s Settings app and then go to Privacy. Under Screen Time-Out, tap the switch next to Proximity Sensor to turn it off.

Where is proximity sensor in settings?

In the Settings app on your Android phone, you can find the proximity sensor under the Security & Location category. Tap it to turn off the sensor.

Can I disable proximity sensor?

Yes, you can disable the proximity sensor on Android devices. This will disable the sensor from detecting when you are close to the device.

Why am I not receiving my incoming calls?

If you are not receiving incoming calls, it is possible that your Android phone’s proximity sensor is turned off. Follow these steps to turn the sensor on:
Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.
Step 2: Tap Wireless and Networks.
Step 3: Under “Cellular networks,” tap Your carrier.
Step 4: Under “Proximity sensor,” make sure the box next to “On” is checked.
If the box is not checked, uncheck it and then check it again.
Step 5: If you still do not receive calls, please let us know by emailing with your phone’s IMEI number and the model of your phone.

What is proximity sensor in Android?

Proximity sensor is a sensor that detects when an object is close to the phone. This can be used for various purposes such as automatic screen turning on/off, detecting when the phone is being held, and more.

How do I keep my Android screen on during call?

If you want to keep your Android screen on while you are on a call, you can turn off the proximity sensor. To do this, open the Settings app, select “Security,” and then scroll down to “Location.” Tap the “Proximity” button and turn off the “Screen On When Device is Proximity Detected” option.


If you’re like most people, you use your phone to check your email, browse the web, and take pictures and videos. But what if you want to disable the proximity sensor so that someone can’t spy on what you’re doing? Here is how to do it:

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