How to lock iphone screen during call

Have you ever found yourself trying to answer a phone call, only to realize that your phone is locked and you can’t see the screen? This happens to us all from time to time, so in this article we’re going to show you how to lock your iphone screen during a call so that you can keep on talking without interruption.

Can you lock iPhone screen when on a call?

What you need:
1. A USB lock cable
2. Your iPhone (4 or later)
3. A computer with iTunes installed
4. Your Apple ID credentials
5. An iPhone with a passcode enabled
6. The phone number of the person you’re calling
7. Optionally, an audio recorder (to capture the conversation)
8. A screen shot of your lock screen before and after locking it

Step One: Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB lock cable. If prompted, enter your Apple ID credentials. iTunes will now open on your computer. Step Two: On your iPhone, open the Settings app and select General → Passcode Lock. Tap Turn Passcode On to activate the passcode lock and then tap Use Touch ID To Enter to continue using the fingerprint scanner to unlock your device instead of entering a numeric code. Step Three: On your computer, select iTunes from the menu bar and then click on the iPhone in the left column of the window that opens. Under Summary, you’ll see a section called “Lock State.” This is where you’ll change the lock state of your iPhone so that it will be locked when it

How do I lock my screen when on a call?

There are a few ways to lock your screen when on a call. iphone users can press and hold the home button until the prompt to “lock screen” pops up. Android users can either:
-Press and hold the power button until the phone goes off, then press and hold the home button until the Android system menu pops up; or-Open the Settings app, select Security, and then tap “Screen lock.” Under “Screen lock type,” select “Screen lock.” Select one of the options under “Screen lock method.”

If you’re using an Android phone, you can also use a virtual keyboard to enter your passcode. When on a call, open the virtual keyboard and type in your passcode.

How do I get my iPhone screen to turn off when calling?

If you’re like most people, you probably use your iPhone to make calls, check email, and browse the web while on the go. But what if you need to take a call? You might be familiar with the “flip to mute” feature, which allows you to keep your call going by silencing your phone…

However, if you’re using an iPhone with a screen protector on it, flipping to mute might not work if the screen protector blocks the touch sensor. In this situation, you can’t use the “flip to mute” feature because the phone will just keep ringing.

Fortunately, there’s another way to get the screen to turn off when you’re on a call: by locking the screen.

To lock the screen, first make sure that your iPhone is locked. To do this, press and hold down on the Side button until the Lock screen appears. If your iPhone is in Airplane Mode or has any other type of lockdown enabled, you will need to also enter your password before the Lock screen will appear. Once the Lock screen has appeared, slide to unlock and then press Home button twice to return to normal mode.
Now that your iPhone is locked,

Can I lock my screen while on the phone?

Yes, you can lock your screen while on the phone. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on the General tab. Next, tap on Accessibility and then on Touchscreen gestures. Under the Lock screen section, you can set a password to protect your screen while on the phone.

Why doesn’t my phone screen turn off when I make a call?

Locking the phone screen during a call is an easy way to keep your screen from turning off while you’re on the phone. There are a few different ways to lock the phone screen, and each one works in a different way depending on your device.
Here’s how to do it on an iPhone:
1. Open the Settings app and tap Privacy.
2. Under “Call Settings,” tap Screen Lock.
3. Select “Screen Lock While Calling.”
4. Enter your passcode or use Touch ID to set a security code.
5. If you want to disable the screen lock while calling feature, select “Disable Screen Lock While Calling.”

Why can’t I turn off my phone when im on call?

If you’re having trouble turning your phone off during a call, there may be a few things you can try.
First, make sure that the screen lock is turned on. If it’s not, you can turn it on by going to Settings > General > Keyboard and Password > Screen Lock. Next, try pressing and holding down the home button while continuing to hold down the call button. If this doesn’t work, you can also try turning off your phone completely by going to Settings > General > About and then tapping “Device Options” in the “Status” section. Finally, if all of these methods fail, try calling your carrier or using another phone.

How do I turn off the proximity sensor on my phone?

When you are making a call, you may want to turn off the proximity sensor so that your phone doesn’t automatically turn on and off during the conversation. To do this, open your device’s Settings app and scroll down to “Phone.” Under “Proximity,” turn off “Auto-Lock.”

How do I turn on my proximity sensor?

If you have a iPhone 6 or later, you can turn on the proximity sensor to help lock your screen when you’re on a call. To do this, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app on your phone. Tap Privacy. Under Screen Lock, turn on the Proximity Sensor.


If you are having a call on your iPhone and want to lock the screen so that it will not turn off during the call, there are a few steps you can take. First, make sure that the phone is locked by pressing and holding down both the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time. Then, press and hold until you see “Emergency SOS” appear in the middle of the screen. Finally, release all of the buttons.

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