How to do square root on iphone calculator

If you’re like most people, you probably rely on your phone’s calculator to do simple math problems. However, if you need to do something more complicated like square root or cubic roots, you might be out of luck. In this article, we’ll show you how to do square root on an iPhone calculator using basic math skills.

How do I change the number format on my iPhone calculator?

If you have an iPhone calculator, you may be familiar with the way it displays numbers. Depending on the number format you use, it may show numbers in scientific notation or decimal notation.

You can change the number format on your iPhone calculator by selecting “Settings” from the main menu and then clicking on “General.” There, you’ll find a button labeled “Number Format.” When you click on this button, a drop-down menu will appear. Select the format you want to use and then press the OK button.

If you need to convert a number from one format to another, you can use the Calculator app’s built-in Converter. This app is available for free from the App Store.

What is AC on iPhone calculator?

AC stands for “actuarial calculation” and is a function that allows you to calculate square roots on an iPhone calculator. To do this, first enter the number you want to find the square root of (in this example, 5), then tap on the AC button and enter the required value. The iPhone calculator will then return the square root of 5 as 2.71828182835.

How do I change the decimal places on my iPhone calculator?

If you’re like most people, you use your iPhone calculator to do square roots, but sometimes you might want to change the decimal places. Here’s how to do it:

1. Tap the “3” key on the keyboard.
2. Tap the “Decimal” button next to it.
3. Change the number of decimal places by rotating the dial on the calculator.

What is the best calculator app for iPhone?

If you’re looking for a calculator app that’s both functional and stylish, you’ll want to check out Calculator Plus. This app features a simplistic design that’s perfect for quick calculations, and it includes support for basic trigonometry as well as other mathematical functions. If you’re looking for an app with more features, then you should definitely consider Calculator Pro. This app offers support for advanced algebraic operations, as well as a variety of other functions. whichever calculator app you choose, be sure to keep in mind the support that it offers for different kinds of input (including fractions, decimals, and variables), in order to ensure that your calculations are as accurate as possible.

Why does my calculator on my iPhone have a comma instead of a decimal?

If you’re using an iphone calculator, chances are you’ve run into this issue: your calculator says it’s doing square root (or any other math operation), but instead of showing the result as a decimal, it’s showing it as a comma.

There are a few reasons why this might be happening. The simplest explanation is that your phone’s calculator is configured to do decimal square root. However, you might also be dealing with an old or third-party app that isn’t properly supporting decimal square root modes in iPhones. If this is the case, you can solve the problem by switching to a more appropriate app or by adjusting your phone’s settings. Here’s how:

1. Open up the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on “General.”

2. Under “Accuracy & Language,” make sure “Decimal Square Root” is set to “On.”

3. Restart your phone if needed, and then try using your calculator again.

How do I change my iPhone to 2 decimal places?

If you’re looking for a way to do square root on your iPhone calculator, you can easily change the decimal places by following these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Under “General,” tap ” Keyboard.”

3. Under “Keyboard Shortcuts,” tap “Override Key Bindings.”

4. Enter “cmd+period” into the “Command” field and press the “Enter” key.

5. Tap the “Add New” button and enter “sqrt” into the “Shortcut” field. Tap OK to save the shortcut.

Is the Apple calculator good?

The Apple calculator is a great tool for basic math and estimation. However, it may not be the best option for more complex calculations.

If you need to do square roots or other more complicated mathematical operations, you may want to consider using a different calculator, like the Android or Windows devices. They may be more accurate and efficient when it comes to certain calculations.

Does Apple have a calculator app?

There isn’t an official Apple calculator app, but there are a few third-party options. If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward calculator, we recommend the Google Sheets app. It’s free to download and easy to use, with support for a wide range of calculation types. If you need more power, though, the Wolfram Alpha app is worth checking out. It can handle more complex operations than the Google Sheets option, and it also offers interactive tutorials that can help you understand how it works.

What happened to my iPhone calculator app?

Square root is one of the more complex mathematical operations a calculator can perform, so if your phone’s calculator app doesn’t seem to be loading properly or isn’t performing as it used to, it might just be time to take it into consideration for a replacement. Here are a few ways to do square root on an iPhone:

1) Open the Calculator app and type in “square root” (without the quotes). Tap on the “Solve” button to start the calculation.
2) If you’re using an iPad or iPod touch, you can also use the built-in Calculator app. Launch the app and type in “square root” (without the quotes). Tap on the “Solve” button to start the calculation.
3) If you’re using an Android device, there are a number of different calculators that support square root including the Google Nexus 7 calculator, Samsung Galaxy S4 calculator, and LG Optimus L7X300V calculator. To find out which calculator supports square root on your particular device, search for “square root” on Google Play or App Store and look for an app with good reviews.


Square root is a math term that refers to the mathematical operation of finding the square root of a number. This involves taking the square root of a number and dividing it by itself.

To do this on your iPhone, use the built-in calculator app or an online calculator like the one offered by Google. To use the built-in calculator app, open the app and tap on the “Operators” tab. From here, you can select “Square Root.” To use an online calculator, go to and enter the number you want to find the square root of in the “Enter a Number” field and click on “Calculate.”

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