How to clean shark steam mop pads

Shark steam mops are one of the most popular home cleaning tools on the market today. But like any tool, they can get dirty over time. If you have a shark steam mop, here’s how to clean the pads:

1. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and squirt some dishwashing detergent into it.

2. Wet the pad(s) in the bucket and let them soak for about 10 minutes.

3. Squeeze the pads dry and place them back on the steam mop handle.

4. Use the machine as you normally would to clean your floors.

Can you put disinfectant in a shark steam mop?

Yes, you can put disinfectant in a Shark steam mop. Disinfectant will kill any bacteria or mold on the pads.

How do you clean a Shark steam scrub and mop pad?

The Shark steam scrub and mop pad Cleaning Method:

1. Spot clean any dirt, dust, or debris with a damp cloth.
2. If the pad is dirty, scrub it with the included cleaning pad. Make sure to go over all of the grime!
3. Pour water into the reservoir and turn on the steam machine.
4. Let the pad heat up for about 30 seconds before using it.
5. Wet the mop head and place it over the dirty area on the pad. Swirl your mop back and forth in a circular motion to create suction.
6. Leave the mop head on top of the dirt for a few seconds before removing it. Be careful not to touch any of the dirty water that has settled on the floor!

Can you put shark steam mop pads in the dryer?

There is no need to put shark steam mop pads in the dryer. The pads can be dried using the standard household drying method.

How do you clean a Shark steam scrub?

To clean your Shark steam scrub pads, follow these simple steps:
1. Fill a small bowl with room-temperature water and add a quarter cup of white vinegar. Swish the mixture around in the water until it is cloudy.
2. Place the dirty pad in the bowl and let it soak for a few minutes.
3. Remove the pad from the vinegar-water mixture and rinse it off with warm water.
4. Repeat this process for each dirty pad.
5. Allow the pads to dry completely before using them again.

How long does a steam mop pad last?

Steam mop pads last around 6 months. However, it is important to replace them regularly to maintain optimal cleaning performance.

Can you reuse steam mop pads?

If your steam mop has a pad-cleaning cycle, you can usually reuse the pad. Be sure to rinse it well and let it air-dry before using it again. If your steam mop doesn’t have a pad-cleaning cycle, you’ll need to replace the pad.

Do I need to descale my shark steam mop?

No, you do not need to descale your shark steam mop pads. Simply rinse them off with water after each use.

How do you clean a microfiber mop pad?

Most microfiber mop pads can simply be wrung out and snapped back into place on the mop head. If the pad seems especially dirty or saturated, you may want to give it a thorough cleaning with a mild soap and water solution. Place the pad in a tub or sink filled with water and soap. Swish the pad around to wet all of the fabric fibers. Pour in a little bit of bleach if needed, but don’t over-do it – just enough to loosen any built-up dirt, dust, or food particles. Scrub the pad with a stiff-bristled brush, then rinse it off thoroughly under running water. Allow the pad to air dry before using it again.


Cleaning your shark steam mop pads is a simple task that can help keep your floors clean and free of dirt, dust, and other allergens. Follow these steps to get started:
1) unfolded the pad
2) sprayed it with water from a hose or microfiber cloth
3) wrung out the pad as much as possible
4) placed it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle

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