how do i reactivate my messenger account

If you’ve ever had a Facebook or Messenger account, then you know that they can be difficult to access if you forget your password. In this article, we’ll show you how to reactivate an account if you have forgotten your password.

Can I reactivate Messenger after deactivating?

If you deactivate your Messenger account, it’s possible to reactivate it by following these steps:
1. Open the Facebook app on your phone.
2. Tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen.
3. Select Settings.
4. Under Accounts and Apps, tap on Messenger.
5. Tap on Deactivate Account and then Enter Your Password to finish deactivating your account.
6. Once you’ve finished deactivating your account, enter your new password in the text field and tap on OK to confirm it.
If you forgot your password, you can get help resetting it here:

What happens when Messenger is deactivated?

If you’ve deactivated your Facebook Messenger account, there are a few things that may happen. First, if you’ve set up notifications for updates from your friends, they may not show up until you reactivate your account. Second, any chats and messages you’ve sent while deactivated won’t be sent until you reactivate your account. Finally, any photos or videos you’ve shared with friends in Messenger before deactivation will still be there, but they won’t show up in the conversation history on the app.

Does Messenger automatically reactivate?

If you’ve ever had your Messenger account inactive for whatever reason, you might be wondering if it’s automatically reactivated when you log back in.Unfortunately, the answer is no – unless you specifically tell it to.To reactivate your Messenger account, open the app and sign in. If you’re already logged in, just click on the three lines in the top right corner of the screen (near your name) and select “Settings.”From here, under “Account Details,” make sure “Reactivate my account” is checked and then hit “Save Changes.”You’ll now be prompted to enter your login information – just type in your username and password and hit “Log In.”If all goes well, you’ll see a message that says your account has been activated. Congratulations!

How can I reactivate my Messenger 2021?

If you have ever forgotten your username or password for your Messenger account, there is a way to get it back. Here is how to reactivate your Messenger account if you have forgotten your username or password:

1. Go to the website
2. Click on the link that says “Forgot Your Password?”
3. Enter your login name and password and click on the “Update” button.

How do you know if someone deactivated Messenger?

If someone deactivated their Messenger account, they won’t be able to access it or send messages. To reactivate their account, they’ll need to contact Messenger and provide the following information:
– Their username
– Their birthday
– The last four digits of their social security number
– A receipt or other proof of purchase If someone deactivated their account without providing these details, they’ll need to create a new account and provide the same information.

Why does it say I’m unavailable on Messenger?

When you first sign up for Messenger, you’re asked to create a new password. If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgotten Your Password” link in the main menu of the app, and entering your email address and reset password. Once you’ve reset your password, enter it again when prompted to do so during sign-in. If you still can’t log in, check that your email address is correct and that you’re using the same login information as when you last used Messenger. If all of those things are correct, then there’s a chance that something else is blocking your access to Messenger. Here are some possible reasons why:

– You don’t have an active account on Messenger: To reactivate your account, make sure you have an active account on Messenger and then follow these steps:

– Open the App Store on your device
– Search for “Messenger”
– Tap on the “Messenger” app icon to open it
– Tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen (or use two fingers to drag up from the bottom of the screen)
– Enter your email address in the “

How many times can you deactivate Messenger?

If you have ever deactivated or forgotten your Facebook account, you may be wondering how to reactivate it. In most cases, simply logging in with your Facebook username and password will do the trick. However, there are a few cases where deactivation may not work. Here’s a look at how Messenger works and how to reactivate it if it’s been deactivated:

− Messenger is a standalone app that lives on your phone and desktop. What this means is that if you deactivate your account on one device, you can still use it on the other devices. For example, if you deactivate your account on your phone, you can still use it on your laptop. However, if you deactivate your account on your desktop and then forget your Facebook username or password, you won’t be able to log in using those credentials on your phone.

− If you forget your Facebook username or password, the best way to get back into your account is to reset your password by going to . After entering your new password,

Can I deactivate Messenger but keep Facebook?

If you want to deactivate your Messenger account but keep your Facebook account, there is a way to do it.
1. Log in to Facebook.
2. On the left-hand side of the screen, click on Account Settings.
3. Under Account Details, click on Deactivate My Account.
4. You will now be asked if you want to deactivate your account or keep it active. Choose Deactivate My Account and confirm the decision by clicking on Deactivate My Account again.
5. You will no longer have access to your Messenger account, but you will still have access to all of your Facebook posts and data.

Will anyone know if I reactivate my Facebook?

If you’re asking if anyone knows if reactivating your Facebook account will restore your messages, the answer is probably not.

Facebook does not keep a copy of your messages after you log out. If you want to be sure that your messages are still there, you’ll need to contact Facebook support and ask them to send you a copy of your account.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the process of reactivating a messenger account will vary depending on the platform and account type. However, some tips on how to reactivate a messenger account include contacting customer service or logging in to the account and updating your contact information.

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