How do i combine artists in itunes

Combining artists in iTunes can be a pain, especially if you have a large music library. In this article, we’ll show you how to combine musicians and singers in iTunes so that you can create more accurate playlists.

How do you combine albums on iTunes with different artists?

Adding different artists to your iTunes library can be a great way to mix up your music listening experience. You can combine different albums by artist to get a more varied listening experience. For example, if you like grunge music, you can combine an album by Nirvana with an album by Pearl Jam to get a unique mix. You can also mix up genres by combining different albums from different genres. For example, you can combine an album from the blues genre with an album from the rock genre to see how each style sounds.

How do I combine tracks into one album in iTunes?

iTunes is a great way to organize and share your music library with others. You can easily combine tracks into one album by following these steps:

1. Open iTunes and select your music library.
2. Select the album you want to combine tracks into from the Albums list.
3. Click the Edit Album button (or press Ctrl+E).
4. Select all the tracks you want to include in the new album, and then click the Add to Album button.
5. If you want to change the name of the album, type a new name in the Title field and then click OK.

Why does iTunes separate same artists?

Apple has always been a bit of an anomaly in the music industry. Unlike other platforms such as Spotify, which allow users to mix and match different artists, iTunes has always featured its own “iTunes Store” of individual artists. This is largely because it was one of the first platforms to offer DRM-free music downloads, something that helped cement Apple’s reputation as a technology leader.

Over time, this approach has come to have some drawbacks. For one, it can be confusing for consumers who are used to streaming services where they can choose any artist they want to listen to. Additionally, it can lead to duplicate sales and fewer overall sales for popular groups of artists.

Nowadays, there are several ways for artists to manage their appearances on iTunes. The most common approach is for each artist to maintain their own page on the iTunes Store. This means that each artist has their own page on iTunes which displays all of their albums, singles, and other content. This is the approach taken by most major artists today.

Another option is for an artist to work with Apple Music. With Apple Music, an artist can create exclusive tracks for Apple Music subscribers only (similar to how exclusives work on

Why do I have two artist profiles on Apple music?

If you have two artists in your Apple Music library, it’s because you have them both downloaded from the Apple Music store. When you add an artist to your library, Apple Music downloads both of their albums for free.
However, if you only want one of the artists in your library, you can remove the other by following these steps:

1. In the main menu of Apple Music, select “Music.”
2. Select “Artists.”
3. On the right side of the screen, under “Your Library,” find the artist you want to delete and select “Remove.”
4. The other artist will be removed from your music library and all of their music will be deleted from your device.

How do I combine tracks into an album?

There are a few ways to combine tracks into an album in iTunes. One way is to use the “Add to Album” feature. This will add all of the tracks from the selected playlist or album to the current album. Another way is to use the “Create New Album” feature. This will create a new album with all of the tracks from the selected playlist or album.

How do I group songs into an album?

If you want to group songs into an album in iTunes, there are a few different ways to go about it. One option is to use the “Group” button in the Songs section of iTunes. This will group all the songs in the selected playlist into one album. You can also create a new album by selecting all the songs in the Songs section and pressing the “Create New Album” button.

Can you combine Artists on Apple Music?

If you want to combine artists on Apple Music, there are a few ways to go about it. You can either add multiple artists to your playlist and let the service decide which ones to play together, or use an algorithm that takes into account the songs you’ve listened to and suggests similar artists.

How do I update my artist profile on Apple Music?

If you want to update your artist profile on Apple Music, you first need to log in to your account. Once you’re logged in, select “My Profile” from the menu on the left-hand side, and then click on “Edit Profile.” Next, you’ll need to find the “Artists” tab. Under “Your Artistic Profile,” click on “Update Details.” From here, you’ll be able to update your name, image, bio, and other personal information.


In the end, combining artists in iTunes is a simple process. First, open iTunes and click on the “Music” tab. Then, select the artist you want to combine and click on the “Combine” button. Next, select the songs you want to combine and click on the “Create New Playlist” button. Finally, name your playlist and click on the “OK” button.

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