How can i recover my messenger account without facebook

Facebook Messenger is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but if you lose your account or have it stolen, there’s not much you can do to get it back. In this article, we’ll tell you how to recover your Facebook Messenger account without having to go through Facebook itself.

How do I get my Messenger back without Facebook?

If you want to recover your Messenger account without Facebook, there are a few things that you can do. First, sign in to your account and go to Messages. You’ll see all of the messages that you’ve sent and received since your last log-in. If you’ve deleted your account or had it suspended, you won’t see any messages. However, if you still have a valid Facebook account, you can try to recovery your account by following these steps:

1. Sign in to Facebook and go to the Account Settings page.
2. Under Your Account, click on Messages.
3. On the Messages page, select the three lines at the top of the page that say “Your messages,” “When I send a message,” and “When I receive a message.”
4. Click on the blue arrow next to each message to open it in its own window.
5. On the bottom of each message, click on the Delete button (or pressDelete on a smartphone). This will delete the message from your conversation history on Facebook but it will not delete it from your device.
6. Log out of Facebook and sign back in to Messages again so that you can

How can I restore my Messenger?

If you’ve deleted your Facebook account, and you still have your Messenger account login information, there are a few ways to get your account back up and running.

The first option is to sign in to your Facebook page using your email address and password. If you no longer have access to that account, you can also try creating a new account using the same email address and password.

If neither of those options work, you can try recovering your account using a reset code. You can find instructions for resetting your account on Facebook’s Help Center.

How can I access my Messenger account?

If you’ve ever deleted your Facebook account, or if you’ve forgotten your password, there are a few ways to access your Messenger account without using Facebook.

You can sign in to your account using a different email address. If you have two-factor authentication enabled on your account, you can also use a code sent to your phone. If you don’t have two-factor authentication or if you lost your code, you can sign up for a new account with the same email address as your old account.

Finally, if you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, there is a link at the bottom of every page on Facebook that will let you do that.

Can you log into Messenger without logging into Facebook?

If you’ve ever forgotten your Facebook login information and need to get back in, there’s a simple workaround: Log into Messenger without logging into Facebook first. Once you’re logged in, you can access all of your messages and settings from Facebook, if you want. Note that this workaround won’t work if you’ve added friends or contacts through Messenger (you’ll need to log back into Facebook for that).

How does Messenger work without Facebook?

Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market. It’s free, easy to use, and can be accessed on a variety of devices. If you’re looking to remove your account from Facebook, or just want to keep your messages separate from your Facebook account, Messenger is a great option. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open up Messenger. If you’re on a desktop computer, click on the messenger logo in the bottom left corner of your screen. If you’re using a phone, open up the app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner.

2. In the main menu, click on Settings.

3. Under Account Details, click on Delete My Account.

4. Click on Erase Data if you want to erase all of your messages and data associated with your account. Otherwise, click on Continue and enter your password to confirm deletion.

5. Once you’ve confirmed deletion, Messenger will remove all of your information from Facebook – including any messages you’ve sent and received!

How do I log into Messenger via browser?

If you have deleted your Facebook account, but still have your Messenger account login information, you can log in to your account via a browser. Here’s how:

1. Open your web browser and go to
2. In the top right corner of the screen, click the three lines in a blue box that says “Sign In.”
3. Type your Facebook login information into the form field and hit “Sign In.”
4. If you’re signed in with a Facebook account, Messenger will ask if you want to continue using that account or create a new one. Click “Create New Account” if you don’t already have an account on Messenger. Otherwise, keep using your existing Facebook account and Messenger will log you in automatically next time you visit the website.

Why can’t I access my Messenger?

If you’ve lost your Facebook account, there are a few ways to try and recover it. If you’ve never had an account on Facebook, you can create one by visiting the website. If you have an existing Facebook account, but have lost access to it, there are a few things you can do to try and retrieve it.

First, make sure you have the email address associated with your Facebook account. You can find this information in your Facebook settings under “Your Profile.” If you don’t have this information, or if it’s been lost or stolen, there’s not much else you can do to retrieve your account.

If you have the email address associated with your account, or if you’re able to log in using someone else’s account that you know the password for, the next step is to try and reset your password. This will help protect against anyone else being able to access your account.

If resetting your password doesn’t work, the next step is to try and sign in using a different username and password. If you’ve registered for a third-party site with your Facebook account (like Foursquare), try signing in using that username and password.

How do I open Messenger on Google?

If you’ve lost your Facebook Messenger account, there are a few ways to reopen it. You can sign into Facebook and attempt to recover your account, or you can use a third-party tool to recover your account. If you don’t have Facebook, you can create a new account using Google.

How can I open Messenger without app?

If you have ever deleted the Facebook Messenger app from your phone, or if it was just disabled for some reason, you may be wondering how to open it again.

Thankfully, there is a way to reopen the Messenger app even if you don’t have Facebook installed on your device. This method requires using a third-party messaging app like Telegram or WhatsApp, but it’s worth it if you want to keep your conversations with friends private.

First, install one of the aforementioned apps on your device. Once it’s installed, sign in and open the main menu. On the left side, tap on “Settings”. Under “Security and Privacy”, tap on “Accounts”. Next to “Facebook”, tap on “Remove Account”. After confirming that you want to remove the account, tap on “Remove Account” again.

Now that Facebook Messenger has been removed from your device, you can add it back using one of the methods below:

Method 1: If you have access to your Facebook account information (including your username and password), you can sign in to Messenger using that information


If you have lost your Facebook account, there are a few ways to get it back. You can create a new account, sign in using another device or email address, or recover your account if you have forgotten your password.

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