Can i delete my verizon call history

Verizon is a telecommunications company that provides services including wireless, landline, and cable TV. In order to improve its customer service, Verizon has begun to offer a Delete Your Call History service. This feature allows customers to delete all the logs of phone calls they have made on their account.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of deleting your call history with Verizon.

Can you delete call history on Verizon bill?

Verizon customers can delete call history on their bill, but it’s not always easy. The company advises customers to use the “My Verizon” website or the “My Verizon app” to delete call history. Deleting call history on a Verizon bill also deletes all recordings of calls placed through the customer’s phone, including voicemails and text messages.

How do I permanently delete my call history Verizon?

If you want to permanently delete your Verizon call history, you will need to first log into your account and then follow these steps:

1) Go to
2) On the left-hand side of the page, under “My Account,” click on “My Devices.”
3) Under “Device History,” select the call history entries you want to delete.
4) On the right-hand side of the page, click on “Delete” and then confirm the deletion by clicking on “Yes.”

How do I hide calls on Verizon bill?

Verizon customers typically have access to a range of features that allow them to manage their Verizon call history. While some Verizon customers may want to delete old call logs, others may prefer to keep them for historical purposes. Here are four ways to hide calls on your Verizon bill:

1. Delete individual calls: To delete an individual call from your Verizon bill, simply dial *69 from your phone and follow the prompts. This will remove the call from your billing history and any voicemails associated with it.

2. Disable call recording: If you don’t want Verizon to track your calls in future, you can disable call recording on your phone. To do this, open the Settings menu and scroll down to “Call Recording.” Under “Call Recording,” toggle the switch to “Off” to disable recording of all calls.

3. Change your Caller ID: If you’d like to prevent Verizon from displaying your caller ID when making or receiving calls, you can change it on your account settings. To do this, go to “My Account” in the Verizon website and select “Voice & Data.” Under “Phone Numbers,” select the number you wish to change your caller ID for and

How do I permanently delete my call history from service provider?

Verizon offers a way to permanently delete your call history from their service. The steps are as follows:

1. Go to
2. Under “My Verizon Account” on the left-hand side, click on “Calls and Messages.”
3. On the Calls tab, under “History,” click on the three lines in the blue box that say “Delete This Call.”
4. Enter your login information and password, and click on “Yes, Delete My History.”
5. Your call history will be deleted within 24 hours.

Can we remove call history of any number?

If you’re wondering whether or not you can delete your Verizon call history, the answer is yes! There are a few different ways to go about this, and the process will vary depending on which phone you’re using.

First of all, if you’re using a Verizon phone that supports the company’s My Verizon account feature, you can access your call history through that account. Simply sign in and click on the History tab, and then select Delete All from the drop-down menu.

If you’re not using a My Verizon account, or if you don’t have access to it, you can also delete your call history by going to phone settings, selecting Call History, and then selecting Delete All.

Finally, if deleting your call history doesn’t work for whatever reason, there is always the option to block certain numbers from calling you in the first place. This can be done by signing up for Verizon’s SafeSync service and downloading its app. Once you’ve done this, simply add the numbers you want to stop receiving calls from to your SafeSync list. Blocking numbers this way will prevent them from calling even if their call histories are still stored on your phone.

How do I delete call history line?

If you have Verizon phone service, you can delete call history by following these steps:
1. Open the Verizon app and sign in.
2. Tap Menu and choose Call History.
3. Select the call history you want to delete and tap Delete.

How do I stop text messages from showing up on my Verizon phone bill?

Verizon customers can remove text messages from their phone bills by going to My Verizon and selecting Messages. There, they can select all the text messages they want to delete and hit Delete.

Can deleted calls be retrieved on iPhone?

Verizon customers who delete calls from their handset can sometimes find them lurking in the iPhone’s call history. Verizon has stated that deleted calls are not retrievable, but some users have had luck recovering deleted calls by using a third-party app.


Yes, you can delete your Verizon call history. To do so, open the Verizon My Account app and navigate to Call Logs. Here, you will find a list of all the calls that were made or received through your Verizon account in the past. Tap on a call to view its details, which will include the date and time of each call. If you want to delete this call from your memory, simply tap on Delete at the bottom of the screen.

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