Can i cancel my walmart credit card

There are a few things you need to know before canceling your Wal-Mart credit card. For starters, if you want to cancel your card before it has expired, you’ll need to contact customer service. If the card is already past its expiration date, or if you’ve already used all of the funds on it, then canceling is not possible. In addition, you may be charged a termination fee if you cancel your card within the first three months after opening it. Finally, if your account is in good standing – meaning that there are no outstanding payments or fees – Wal-Mart may still ask for a small fee to cancel your card.

Does Cancelling a store credit card hurt your credit?

Cancelling a store credit card may not have much of an impact on your credit score. In general, the credit bureaus view cancelled cards as less of a risk, because they show that you’re proactive about managing your debts. Still, it’s always a good idea to consult with a credit counselor if you need help dealing with your debt.

How do I cancel my Walmart Mastercard balance?

If you want to cancel your Walmart Mastercard balance, there are a few ways to go about it. You can call the customer service number on the back of your card, or you can go to and use the online account management tool. Either way, it should take about five minutes to process the cancellation.

What happens if you cancel a credit card?

Cancelling a credit card can have a negative impact on your credit score, depending on your credit history. If you have outstanding balances on your card, cancelling could lead to additional fees and interest charges. Keep in mind that if you decide to cancel your card, it’s important to do so in a timely manner so that you don’t incur any penalties.

Is it better to close a credit card or leave it open with a zero balance?

If your credit score is good, leaving a card open with a zero balance can have benefits. Closing the card could harm your credit score if you’re not current on payments. Plus, closing the card could result in a penalty APR.

If you regularly use the card and make payments on time, leaving the card open with a zero balance may be best for your credit score. However, if you’re not using the card or making timely payments, it may be better to close the account and avoid potential penalties.

Is it better to cancel unused credit cards or keep them?

Cancelling unused credit cards may sound like the obvious choice, but is it actually best for your credit score? According to the website, keeping unused credit cards open can actually help your credit score because it shows that you’re using your cards responsibly. This can help you secure future loans and improve your overall credit rating.

Can I cancel my Walmart MoneyCard online?

Yes, you can cancel your Walmart MoneyCard online. To do so, go to and select the “Cancel My Card” link on the main page. You will be asked to enter your card number and expiration date, and then you will be able to cancel your card.

How do I close a Walmart account?

If you’re looking to close your Walmart account, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account at
2. Click on the “My Account” link in the top right corner of the page.
3. Under “My Account Details,” click on the “Cancel My Account” link.
4. Enter your login information and click on the “Close My Account” button.

Does Walmart MoneyCard charge monthly fee?

If you have ever shopped at Walmart, you may have noticed their MoneyCard. This card is a plastic card that allows shoppers to make purchases without cash or check. The card also has a magnetic stripe that tracks your spending and can be used for electronic payments.

One thing to note about the MoneyCard is that it does charge a monthly fee. This fee is typically $9, but it can vary depending on the location. If you want to cancel your card, you need to call customer service and speak with a representative. Canceling the card will remove all pending charges and refunds will be processed as soon as possible.


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