7 Attractive Styles to Look for in Mascara Boxes 

Fashion-loving ladies only pick those beauty products which make them believe in providing a beautiful facial look after use. In this regard, Mascara is one of the essential makeup accessories that holds a special place in cosmetic lovers’ hearts.  

If your company provides high-end mascaras, you must want to attract the attention of as many makeup lovers as possible. To give your quality-oriented products an enticing look, you must craft their packaging through a well-thought process.  

When discussing mascara box, you need to work on their visualization to engage buyers. The custom boxes add an artistic touch and charming appearance to the mascaras. A brand needs to search for tempting styles to create an ever-lasting impact on buyers.  

Let’s have a look at some of the eye-grabbing style ideas to design the mascara boxes! 

Why Mascara Boxes Are Important? 

Fashion enthusiasts always love to buy from a brand that values its customers. Therefore, brands are paying attention to custom packaging solutions that bring customers confidence in their products.  

Mascara boxes are highly significant as they come with multiple advantages such as: 

  • These boxes assure product integrity 
  • They provide an eye-catching appearance to the product and attract the buyers 
  • They will help you to gain a distinctive brand identity 
  • They act as a marketing tool 
  • Metalized Sheets For Mascara Boxes 

Do you know all makeup products provide a luxurious feeling to the buyers? But a question springs into mind, how to accomplish this goal?  

The answer is straightforward though metalized custom mascara boxes! Metalized boxes are the new hype in the cosmetic packaging industry. This glittery packaging looks charming and adds a spark to an ordinary product.  

Metalized boxes come with two shiny sheets; pick the one that goes with your product: 

  • Silver foil box 
  • Golden foil box 

You will be surprised to know that these boxes are highly cost-efficient as they are composed of cardboard and aluminum sheets. They are not only affordable but also nature-friendly, creating an urge in a buyer to look for your products.  

  • Addition Of Custom Fonts 

Are you looking for a way to add an enchanting appeal to your mascara box? Using custom fonts is a great way to get the attention of new and existing potential buyers. You can print the following details by choosing a comprehensible font that catches a cosmetic lover’s attention at a glance: 

  • Lift up the lash 
  • Vulmionous  
  • No fake lashes 

So, creating mascara packaging with top-notch prints will improve the outer gaze of beauty products. You can get these boxes in any shape and font style per your marketing campaign.  

Custom fonts are available in abundance on the internet. The most basic font style you can choose while designing cosmetic boxes is Serif, and this font will provide a fascinating touch to your products and what they deserve.  

  • Exclusive Shapes 

This is not denying that most of the leading cosmetic firms generate more sales revenue with mascara packaging. This packaging holds a vital place to leave a lasting impact on users. 10 ml bottle boxes are trendy among cosmetic lovers. These boxes are available in a variety of shapes, such as: 

  • Triangular  
  • Rectangular 
  • Square boxes 
  • Hexagonal 
  • Cylindrical  

The exclusive shapes of these boxes with creative patterns are ready to hit the retail shelves. You can choose any attractive style and shape that creates a wow factor in your packaging and will lead you to lead the competitive market.  

  • Addition Of Partitions 

Here comes another factor that is highly captivating among buyers and assures product security. With the help of partition, do you know you can divide the box into many parts and sections?  

It aids cosmetic manufacturers in placing extra things to increase the value of the actual product. This little entail will please the users most. Adding partitions and custom inserts in a mascara box beautifies the appearance of the packaging.  

  • Use Of Enticing Color Combination Scheme 

Create the right brand image and an alluring persona for your products by selecting a suitable color combination scheme to design the box. Go with pastel colors, they will provide an aesthetic touch to your products, or you can go with bold colors to offer a confident and luxurious outlook.  

When choosing the color pallets for your packaging, remember that they will change the overall vibe of your brand. Pick them wisely!  

While selecting the colors, there are two techniques that you can choose. The elegant or minimalistic approach to match the new market trends. It would be better if you conduct research to understand your customers’ preferences. And to get to know what they love and what is prevalent in the cosmetic packaging industry.  

  • Addition Of Window Cutouts 

Mascara boxes with a clear pane or window are a branding tool to advertise your products. A window is a small die-cut that can be designed in any shape, style, or size, depending on the product. It adds style and lets the user know about the product they are buying. For instance, they will learn about the mascara’s color.  

Depending on your preferences, these windows might be rectangular, triangular, or square in shape. This little die-cut will improve the visibility of your product and assist you in making your brand more visible to your consumers.  

  • Prominent Illustration Of Brand’s Logo 

As the logo is the brand identity, it should be prominent on the product packaging. It looks elegant on the box and will help your buyers to identify your products among rivals. Once they try your product and trust them, they will prefer your brand over others. 

Bottom Line!  Every lady wants to look lovely, so she tries different kinds of makeup products every day. Among all, mascara is one of the significant used products in the cosmetic sector. Custom boxes enhance the beauty and elegance of this appealing product and make fashion lovers get their hands on your products. Brands should look for attractive styles like the use of exclusive shapes, custom fonts, the addition of inserts, enticing colors, logos, and window panes to design these mascara boxes that provide them a sleek appearance.

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